(formerly Little Crow)  

is a beautifully haunting Vancouver based indie band. The talented duo consists of Emily Seal and Kas Baker. The two complement one another flawlessly with their dynamic skill set. They write profound songs together that are sincerely emotional. Emily’s voice is ethereal, mesmerizing and transfixing. It is a vehicle straight from the basement of her heart. Kas’ guitar is the perfect landscape surrounding Emily’s voice. You can fall into the depths of these songs the second they start. 

Winter Youth is inspired by the likes of bands such as The National, Florence and the Machine, and Daughter. This inspiration is apparent in their material yet they have a refreshingly original approach to music. Their music pulls from the shackles of depression and anxiety with the intention of making others feel less isolated in their struggles. There is a relatability to Winter Youth that is wonderfully vulnerable. Their music embodies an unparalleled visceral comfort. You feel like you are in the room the songs were written in upon listening to their music. It’s incredibly intimate and radically genuine. Music has the ability to save lives and Winter Youth showcases how special that phenomenon is. 

They have performed at various venues and events across Canada such as Canada Music Week, Skookum Festival, the Vancouver Island Music Festival, InHabit (Kelowna), and at the Root Dwellers Concert Series. 

Winter Youth is also a subject in the soon to be released "Krow's Transformation", a documentary following the transition of transmale model Kian Krow. Kas shares the experiences and story of his transition in the much anticipated film.